26 06 2017

Child Custody Evaluation: Changes to Texas Family Law

By | June 26, 2017|Children & Family, Family Law Updates|

Texas Family Law Changes in the 85th Texas Legislature The Texas Legislature closed its biannual session for 2017. Although a Special Session may be called by Governor Abbott, it will not affect any Family Law issues. The Legislature did pass several bills that impact Texas Family Law. Here is one. Child Custody Evaluation The statute dealing with Child Custody Evaluations was revised this year. A significant change now offers more protection to child custody evaluators from being liable for civil damages arising out of the evaluator’s actions, recommendations made or opinion given in their capacity as a child custody evaluator. These protections have been in place for a guardian ad litem, attorney ad litem, and amicus attorneys for some time now. Finally those protections have been extended to evaluators. As anyone who has ever been involved in a child custody case knows, someone is always unhappy with the conclusions in a child custody evaluation. Many [...]

29 12 2014

Texas Family Law in the 84th Texas Legislature

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84th Texas Legislature Begins January 13, 2015 The Texas Legislature will convene on Tuesday, January 13 and run through June 1, 2015. The Law Office of Chris A. Spofford will watch the topics related to Texas Family Law and provide legislative updates and insight to our friends and clients about the 2015 Texas legislative session. As always, it is our commitment to be proactive in protecting our clients’ interests under Texas Family Law, which will continually evolve at the legislature and in the courts.

10 04 2013

Divorcing As Non-Native Texans: Divorce Laws in Texas for Property in or Accumulated in Another State

By | April 10, 2013|Community & Separate Property|

Do divorce laws in Texas prevail over out of state divorce laws? There are many jurisdictional issues to consider when divorcing in Texas if you and your spouse lived elsewhere before moving to Texas. The attorneys at Chris A. Spofford, P.C. can assist you in navigating these issues to reach a suitable outcome.

22 10 2012

Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights Under Texas Family Law

By | October 22, 2012|Children & Family|

Texas Family Law and parental rights In Texas Family Law, the most common grounds for termination of parental rights in a step-parent adoption are: Natural parent is deceased; Abandonment of a child or children; Failure to provide support (emotional as well as financial); Imprisonment; or Abuse. To make the step-parent adoption process go as smoothly as possible under Texas Family Law, every effort should be made to gain consent of the absent parent. There many remedies that we can pursue in helping you to achieve this and to make other preparations, including achieving a court order terminating the former parent, if necessary. Provisions in Texas Family Law Some of the provisions outlined in Texas Family Code § 161.001 that can support a termination of the parent-child relationship, if found to be in the best interest of the child, are: Some form of abandonment of the child for a specified period of time where [...]

28 08 2012

Court Ordered Parenting Classes in Montgomery County

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Helping children cope with divorce through family court ordered parenting classes Montgomery County parenting classes are court ordered in connection with a divorce under the rules set forth by the 418th District Court, Judge Tracy Gilbert. As provided for in the Texas Family Code § 105.009 parents are mandated to attend and complete a parenting course in divorces where the parent-child relationship is affected. We encourage parents to attend court ordered parenting classes as early as possible to avoid delay of your divorce being finalized, or having sanctions imposed or custody removed until the course is completed. Also, it is a good idea to confirm that the course of your choice will be accepted by the court before registering. To help our clients and community, a Parenting Classes Resource List of courses is posted on the Spofford Law website. Parenting Classes in Montgomery County Read these course contents carefully to ensure that you select a [...]