Child Support Under Texas Family Law

child support guidelines under Texas Family Law

Texas Family Law provides specific guidelines for child support

Child support under Texas Family Law is not nearly as clear cut as many believe. The guidelines set down by Texas Family Law consider how many children are involved and whether other children are involved for whom a duty of support is owed, whether by court order or as the result of a new marriage or relationship.

There are many issues that are considered by the court in making child support decisions, such as

  • Do you have a child that is suffering with a disability?
  • Will this require support above the suggested guidelines?
  • Do you have a specially gifted child that will require child support payments above the guidelines, or do you have a child that would qualify for child support payments beyond your child’s 18th birthday?
  • Do you have usual and customary expenses for your child that are in excess of the typical guidelines for child support payments?

Fairness Under Texas Family Law

At times, demands for payments by the custodial parent seem unreasonable. And sometimes, the guidelines for child support in Texas seem fair—and sometimes not. Chris Spofford can help you understand what is deemed “fair” under Texas Family Law and what is “not fair.”

You need an attorney who can tell you whether or not the court is likely to view child support demands as reasonable—and give you guidance that you can trust.

Contact Chris Spofford to learn about your family law options and how he can help you with your choices; he will fight for Texas child support that is fair and reasonable for you and for your child.

Chris A. Spofford has been preparing and trying child support cases since he was admitted to the Texas State Bar in 1986. He has been Board Certified in Family Law since 1993. As a Houston divorce lawyer, he knows how to present a child support case in local courts so that your important message gets communicated and gives you the greatest chance of prevailing. He will help you get what is in your child’s best interest. Chris knows that the decisions made now are ones that will affect your children’s lives and your life for many years to come. He never takes this lightly. He will fight for you and he will guide you through the complex legal maze.