Protect Your Right To Determine Your Summer Schedule With Your Child

summer possession orders Texas

Reminder: April 1 deadline in Texas for scheduling summer possession schedule

Updated for 2017

We encourage you to consult your decree or final possession orders. Standard possession agreements require that you send to the other party in writing your intended summer possession period before April 1.

Most possession orders have a deadline of April 1 to designate your summer possession period. Otherwise, you may be stuck with the default dates of either the month of July (when conservators live within 100 miles of each other) or June 15-July 27 (when you live more than 100 miles apart).

Please forgive the odd terminology we use in describing child custody after divorce.

Texas Family Law refers to “child custody” as “conservatorship” and the legal term of art for your right to spend time with your child (called “visitation” in other states) is called “possession” in Texas.