The spring schedule for ESCAPE parenting courses in Harris County and Ft Bend County has been released on the ESCAPE Website.

Building New Beginnings” (12 hour) and “Families and Divorce” (4 hour) programs are for divorced or divorcing parents. Divorced or divorcing parents may not attend the same “Building New Beginnings” or “Families and Divorce” course. For more information on these programs, dates and locations, please visit

  • Who may attend: Entire families (Divorcing or divorced spouses (must register for separate program dates)
  • Cost: $25 per individual or family (covers course fee, registration, and materials)
  • Certificate: This workshop satisfies the requirements of the family courts in Harris County and Fort Bend County

The $25 registration fee applies to all family members who attend the program. Please note that scholarships are available to families who demonstrate financial need.

Families must visit or call our office at 713-942-9500 to register before attending the first day of class.

Note: Certificates of completion are accepted for court-ordered parenting classes by the family courts. Clients must arrive on time and attend all sessions to receive a certificate of completion.

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