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Facebook Divorce and Child Custody

Secret accounts, messages from strangers and reconnecting with old flames have all been made very easy with social media. Throughout my years as a paralegal, I have seen Facebook and social media as a factor in the demise of many relationships. Facebook Divorce Statistics According to FindLaw, “Information found on popular social networking sites has given divorce lawyers new tools in their divorce toolkits. Facebook and other sites are changing the legal landscape in divorce and child custody cases.” FindLaw reports that two-thirds of U.S. lawyers say Facebook is the primary source of evidence used in divorce cases. During a divorce or child custody case, your social media account is fair game. In fact, more often than not, opposing attorneys will request a complete download of the opposing party’s Facebook archive. This archive includes all those secret messages you thought you deleted and anything you’ve ever put on Facebook. This information can then be used [...]

By | April 4, 2018|Children & Family, Family Law Updates|

Co-Parenting After Divorce

Many divorcing parents want to be able to work with the other parent in raising their children. We refer to this in legal terminology as Co-Parenting. There can be as many ways to co-parent as there are parents. There are a number of publications (online and in print) that provide details for the best way to co-parent your children after divorce. Websites have been created to assist parents with scheduling and communication. One that is favored by many courts in the Greater Houston Area is Our Family Wizard. In-person parenting classes are offered that can provide you with in-depth training on how to approach co-parenting after divorce. Here is a short list of pointers to minimize any hostility between the parents and nurture a healthy environment for your children: Communicate. Effective communication is the cornerstone of every successful relationship. Co-parenting your child is no exception. Never degrade the other parent within the hearing of the [...]

By | August 31, 2017|Children & Family|

Protect Your Family Interests by Hiring a Family Law Attorney

Your future, your children’s future and your financial stability are important and must be protected Why it is important to hire an attorney that specializes in family law to represent you in ANY family law case: Many people might suggest that my point of view on this is biased because I make my living by working for an attorney, but that is not the case. I have witnessed personally the disasters that happen when people choose to represent themselves pro se in divorce or other family law cases. It does not matter how smart you are or how much you study up on the law, unless you practice Family Law in Texas, there are still things you can miss that will cost you in the end. It should be telling that even attorneys decide to hire another attorney when they need legal representation in an area of law with which they are not familiar. Even [...]

By | July 17, 2017|Children & Family|