Children in Divorce

children in divorce

Children’s welfare and security is a primary concern

Children are prone to worry and invariably, children in divorce experience it as traumatic.

As obvious as that seems, it is not always so obvious what to do for them, and how best to act on your natural concern for children in divorce. One of a child’s primary worries is his or her sense of security. In our Family Law practice, we regard children’s welfare and security as the highest priority and work with every client to understand what this will mean for each family individually.

These five questions are a good place to start:

  • Will the children feel like they are losing one parent? What can be done to keep the bonds strong?
  • What changes in living arrangements might add stress? What options are available to minimize that effect?
  • Will the divorce cause any economic challenges?
  • What effect will the parent’s mood and feelings have on children? What can we do to foster healthy attitudes as adults for the sake of the children?
  • Will the children continue to feel the parental conflict? How can parents demonstrate cooperativeness for the children?

You may have many questions about children in divorce that Chris A. Spofford can help you answer. Among the many issues that concern you now, he can help you with three key legal issues that affect your children: child support, child custody and visitation rights.

Important Definitions For Child Custody

“Joint Managing Conservatorship,” often referred to as “Joint Custody,” is a term that has specific meaning under Texas Family Law. It does not refer to the actual time parents spend with their children. It pertains more to the rights and duties associated with raising children. Even if both parents are appointed  “joint managing conservators,” one parent is usually granted the exclusive right to establish the primary residence of the children and may be granted other exclusive rights. Please click here for more detail on the legal issues of child custody under Texas Family Law.

Fairness and Child Support Payments

People generally believe that child support obligations under Texas Family Law should be guided by “fairness.” However, the guidelines set by Texas Family Law are very specific. Sometimes they seem fair and sometimes not.

The guidelines for child support consider how many children are involved, whether a child being supported is suffering with a disability or is specially gifted, and other  usual and customary expenses for your child that may be in excess of the typical guidelines for child support payments. Please click here for more detail on the guidelines for child support under Texas Family Law.

Contact Chris Spofford for information and clarity about how your children’s best interests can be served as you work through your marital issues.

Chris A. Spofford has been handling family law cases involving children in divorce for more than 25 years. As a Houston divorce lawyer, he knows how to present a child custody case in local courts so that your important concerns are heard.