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child custody after divorce

Child custody decisions can be difficult under Texas Family Law

Child custody means different things to different people. Texas Family Law provides two definitions: joint custody or “Joint Managing Conservatorship” and sole custody, which is called “Sole Managing Conservatorship.”

Shared versus exclusive custody rights

The titles joint custody or sole custody are not the issue that affects child custody and visitation rights most of the time. The major concern for most parents is: What child custody rights are shared between the parties and what rights are exclusive to one party? This is the issue that most influences a parent’s time and authority over a child’s life.

Child custody during and child custody after divorce are among the most painful situations that a parent can face. These are your children. The thought of being separated from them for even an hour when you do not have the right to see them is often beyond comprehension. You know more about what your child or children need than anyone else on the planet. You have been there throughout their lives, whether that be a short time or many years. Decisions about how to divide time between you and your child’s other parent are some of the most difficult and painful to make. You want to know that you are getting the best guidance you can get from your family lawyer.

Should you fight for sole managing conservatorship (sole custody)?

Should you focus on being awarded the most important exclusive rights for your child (primary residence, education, invasive medical decisions)? How your child custody case is presented to a Judge or a Jury can make all the difference between being awarded primary custody of your children or not.

Contact Chris Spofford to learn about your family law options and how he can help you with your choices.

Chris A. Spofford has been preparing and trying child custody cases since he was admitted to the Texas State Bar in 1986. He has been Board Certified in Family Law since 1993. As a Houston divorce lawyer, he knows how to present a child custody case in local courts so that your important message gets communicated and gives you the greatest chance of prevailing.

He will help you get what is in your child’s best interest. Chris knows that the decisions made now are ones that will affect your children’s lives and your life for many years to come. He never takes this lightly. He will fight for you and he will guide you through the complex legal maze that makes up a child custody case.