Paternity and Texas Family Law

paternity texas family law

Paternity issues are considered in the best interest of the child

Paternity involves issues of child support, child custody and visitation. A surprising percentage of children born in the United States are born to single mothers.

Chris Spofford has defended mothers, fathers and alleged fathers in paternity cases for his entire career. The skills necessary to successfully prosecute or defend these paternity cases are gained from experience and become invaluable in protecting your children and your legal rights.Chris Spofford has earned those skills and will apply them to your best interest.

Paternal Rights Under Texas Family Law

An alleged father may want help in disproving that he is the father, and there are specific steps that must be followed when this is your intent.

In other cases, an alleged or presumed father who is not married to the mother (or mother to be) may want help to establish his paternal rights under Texas Family Law.

The Texas Paternity Registry provides a formal way to accomplish this by filing a Notice of Intent to Claim Paternity.

Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights Under Texas Family Law

Provisions outlined in Texas Family Law permit the termination of the parent-child relationship, if found to be in the best interest of the child. These are numerous and complicated legal concepts, including:

  • Abandonment of the child for a specified period of time;
  • Endangering the child by the parent’s actions or the environment where the parent places the child;
  • Failure to support the child in accordance with the parent’s abilities;
  • Parent as a major cause in the child’s delinquency in school;
  • Parent was charged with a major crime.

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