Mediation in Family Law

Chris A. Spofford provides divorce mediation services and other types of family law mediation as an alternative to family law litigation.  The benefits of family law mediation are many, if this is the right path for you.

A mediator can act as a neutral buffer between each side of a conflict, with the goal to resolve the dispute and bring both parties together in a settlement.

There are varying approaches to dispute resolution through family law mediation:

  • Mediator may meet with both parties and their attorneys, then separate the sides and meets individually
  • Mediation can happen with no joint sessions; the mediator goes back and forth until a settlement is reached

Family Law Mediation Advantages

The advantages of family law mediation are many.

Cost-effective. The trial of a family law case can take days or even weeks in some cases. An effective mediator can assist you in resolving your issues in as little as a half day and usually in no more than one day.

Expeditious. By eliminating a costly and time-consuming trial, with a possible appeal, the length of time can be significantly reduced.

Avoid court drama. Conflict between parents can be one of the most damaging aspects of divorce for children and for the parties. Settling the dispute out of court can be very beneficial for children and reduces the emotional strain on the parties, whether parents or not. Also, the way your marriage ends will significantly impact the way you approach your future relationships, as well. A mediator can help both of you communicate in making important decisions without the hurtful anger that typically occurs in the drama surrounding court proceedings in family law litigation.

Fewer unknowns. Mediation offers the couple control over how decisions are made and the terms of the divorce.

Make your own agreement (not imposed by judge). Each step is by agreement, in contrast to the adversarial process in which court dates and judicial decisions may be imposed upon you.

Confidential. In a private divorce mediation, all discussions and tentative agreements are strictly confidential. This makes it safe to propose solutions for possible consideration without having them all thought out. This can lead to new solutions neither party had previously considered.

Contact Chris Spofford to explore the possibility family law mediation as an alternative to litigation.

Chris A. Spofford has represented many married couples, parents and grandparents in family law mediation, and brings more than 30 years of family law experience to your case. Chris will listen to your situation and help you decide the best path for you and the ones you care about the most in this trying time.