Marital Agreements Under Texas Family Law

There are two kinds of marital agreements in Texas Family Law, premarital agreements (also known as pre-nuptial agreements) and marital property agreements (post nuptial agreements or partition or exchange agreements). Marital Agreements are provided for in Texas Family Law to protect your assets before marriage; minimize the cost of a divorce proceeding; and ensure that your beneficiaries receive their intended inheritance. These agreements can also address issues that might arise in the event your marriage is terminated by either your or your spouse’s death.”

Premarital Agreements

A premarital agreement, often referred to as a pre-nuptial agreement or a “prenup,” is a way in which you can protect your assets and remove uncertainty, in the event a divorce becomes necessary. Building an estate takes a great deal of time and effort. Texas Family Law provides a way for you to protect that estate in the event of divorce or death. There may be others depending on you for their support. This is a way for you to be assured they are cared for after your death. In the event that your new marriage should end it divorce, this is a way to avoid many of the uncertainties that may arise in family law litigation.

Marital Property Agreements

Marital Property Agreements, often referred to as post-marital, post-nuptial or partition or exchange agreements, are a way in which you and your spouse can protect your assets after marriage by changing their character. It also provides a way to convert separate property into community property if your wish is to further merge with your life partner.

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