Information about the Family Courts in Harris, Ft. Bend and Brazoria Counties.

Harris County Courts remain overwhelmed

According to Texas Lawyer magazine (July 19, 2010), Harris County family law courts are “overwhelmed and under pressure.” I couldn’t agree more. The Texas Lawyer article last year cites the fact that about 40 percent of all civil cases before Harris County courts are family law cases. Compared to a civil district judge, who has about 1,500 to 2,000 cases pending on the docket, Harris County family court judges may have as many as 4,000 cases pending. In the 25 years I have practices Family Law, population in Harris County has almost doubled and yet the number of district courts that hear exclusively family law cases has increased by one, which is the protective order court (280th District Court). Although this was a welcome addition, the 280th hears only protective orders, not any of the myriad other family law matters which must be heard by the nine remaining family law courts. Compared to [...]

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